Postfuse is an Eclipse Plugin for visualisation of graphs. Graphs can be generated using an API or creating suitable GraphML-files by other tools. In the interactive GUI you can run scipts which are associated to the graph elements. The script allow interaction with eclipse like showing message dialogs or opening other files.
Postfuse is build on top of


  • Visualisation of graphs
  • Subgraphsupport including nearly unlimited nested subgraphs
  • Scriptlanguage Runner on graph elements with eclipse interaction
  • Good Eclipse Integration
  • Simple Framework
  • Easy to use node and edge designs
  • Overview window to navigate through complicated graph structures
  • Nearly unlimited scopes of design by HTML nodes
  • Support for self-constructed filters
  • Export to vector graphics - SVG
  • And some special features ...

Update Site Just install it out of Eclipse via our Update site

Your Application

For example:
RootGraph g = G222Plugin.createGraph();
Node n1 = g.addNode();
Node n2 = g.addNode();