If your whot to know how to install postfuse look here.
The documentation of this Software Project is also avaliable (german only).

use the plugin to view GraphML-Files

Some examples can be found in the gml sample project. You can import this jar-file using the import wizard for eclipse projects. Then you can open the files by just double-clicking them.

use the plugin to create graphs from your own plugin

For this application we also have a sample project. You can import this jar-file using the import wizard for eclipse projects. That project contains an action set which contributes to the main menu of eclipse. The code in these actions shows how to build own graphs. This is only a very simple example how to use it - we just wanted to keep this sample project as simple as possible.

add support for another script language

If you want to add support for another script language you can start a plugin which contributes to the ScriptFactory extension point. To register the extension point at our plugin you need something like the following in your plugin.xml file.

	name="BeanShellScript Extension"
		name="BeanShellScript Factory"
The only classes which have to be implemented are the script factory and a script class, which is returned by the script factory.

add includes to the global script environment

You can add global functions or - something like that - which can be used in all script of a special language. This can be done by contributing to a extension point:
This example adds the library.bsh script file to the global environment of all beanshell scripts. The library.bsh file is located in the bsh_includes directory in the current plugin project.

launch classes implementing GraphFactory (Beta)

If you program a class implementing the GraphFactory-interface, you can choose "Run As" and then Graph Constructor. Then the getGraph()-method will be executed and the graph shown. For this application you need to add the de.g222.plugin, de.g222.postfuse and de.g222.prefuse jar-file in your plugin directory to the build-path of your java-project. The samples in the package de.postfuse.samples are launchable.